Date of Award

Spring 2001

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Sociology and Anthropology


In 1991, a survey on rape was conducted on a college campus. The survey replicated and . tested the results of Mary Koss' s study that was reported in Ms. magazine in the late 1980s by asking important rape and sexual assault questions in two different formats. The surveys were identical, except for seven rape and sexual assault questions that asked if certain events happened 'against their will' or when they 'didn't want to.' However, the research was done ten years ago, so it was decided to update the study and look for changes between the two years. Since 1991, there have been more organizations formed on college campuses and in communities to help victims deal with rape and prevent it, more media attention, and more information in general on rape issues. Therefore, it is expected that the rates of rape and sexual assault on this college campus should drop in the 2000 survey. Statistics will be run on the demographic data between the two surveys (to make sure that the results are comparable) and the attitudinal questions found on both surveys and the year the survey was handed out will be run against the seven rape questions. In addition, from the 2000 survey, the respondents year in school and whether the student is involved in a Greek organization will be crosstabbed with the seven rape questions.