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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Arup SenGupta


The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed account of the history of the water supply for the city of Bethlehem. This report begins with the settlement of the Moravians in the area, their need for water and the solutions they developed to meet their needs. It explains why Bethlehem water sources were switched, and how contamination, increasing population and water demands affected Bethlehem and its water supply. The document also introduces South Bethlehem and their water system. New projects that were pursued by Bethlehem are discussed, with specific reasons for the change in technology. Specific characteristics of the systems and technologies are discussed from an engineering standpoint. The characteristics are then further analyzed in regard to how specifications met the requirements and needs of the people of the city. Overall this report concludes that throughout the history of Bethlehem, water resources provided a significant role in the development of the city. Moravians chose to settle in the Bethlehem area because of its abundant supply of water. The growth of the city in population and industry was guided on multiple occasions by the availability of water. For the most part, the city engineers and city officials have met the water needs and standards required by the government and Bethlehem’s citizens.


Submitted as final project for CEE 377: Environmental Engineering Design