About This Journal

FIRE has migrated platforms. This site is an archive and hosts all FIRE content from volume 1, issue 1, through volume 4, issue 2. All content from volume 4, issue 3, onwards is available HERE.

Please submit new manuscripts for consideration at the current site linked HERE.

FIRE: Forum of International Research in Education is an international, peer-reviewed publication promoting interdisciplinary scholarship on the use of internationally comparative data for evidence-based and innovative change in educational systems, schools, and classrooms worldwide.

FIRE publishes articles, book reviews, research essays, and bibliographies. Some issues are thematic. Except for book reviews and bibliographies, all manuscripts submitted to FIRE are blind, peer-reviewed. Theoretical and methodological pluralism is welcomed and encouraged by the journal editor and editorial board. FIRE is indexed in EBSCO's Academic Search Premier, Google Scholar, and ERIC.