Document Type



Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Eugenio Schuster


Robustness is an important characteristic of feedback controllers. Many systems

with non-linearities and parameter uncertainties usually require sucient robustness

to stay stable. Robust control education is therefore very important for graduate

students. However, many educational programs in robust control are exclusively theoretical.

This thesis work aims at designing and developing a user-friendly Graphical

User Interface (GUI) based on MATLAB for robust-control education based on a nonlinear

and highly-coupled helicopter system. Although the control design method is

limited to the S/KS mixed-sensitivity method, it oers a convenient and ready-to-use

GUI for robust control design, dynamic response simulation, robust stability/robust

performance assessment, and control implementation. Users can generate the controller

by inputting parameters of two weighting functions. Linear and nonlinear simulations

based on a discrete-time model are used to assess performance. Structured

singular values are used to assess robust stability and robust performance conditions

with three typical types of uncertainty. In the end, the designed controller can be

loaded into Simulink to control the actual helicopter device. This robust-control educational

experiment oers an easy way to test in practice fundamentals of robust

control theory.