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Master of Arts


Political Science

First Adviser

Nandini Deo


Since the coup d’état in Thailand on May 22, 2014, Thais have lived under a junta that has restricted their personal liberties, speech and assembly. Irrespective, some Thais have resisted these limitations to make their voices heard. This research examines the actions of 356 activists who have been arrested or detained for challenging the ruling junta. By quantifying their actions, and the corresponding government reaction, this research attempts to answer if the Thai junta reacts more harshly to dissidents when events are expected or unexpected. Between the coup and the end of 2017, Thailand has faced bombings, a constitutional referendum and the death of a beloved king. What this research finds is that, yes, there is a difference between how the junta reacts to the two categories of events. Encapsulated by this study is a focused examination of dissident tactics and the interaction between pro-democracy activists and the government.

Available for download on Friday, February 26, 2021