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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Joachim L. Grenestedt


For high-speed marine vessels, waves can pose a significant risk, exerting large stresses on the structure of the vessels as well as large G forces on their occupants. A purpose-built vessel that incorporates suspension with significant travel was developed at Lehigh University as a novel solution. Various suspension components of the full-scale vessel are designed and built to further the progress of the project. The tri/quad pods that make up part of the suspension, and the antiroll bars are analytically optimized to minimize weight whilst retaining adequate strength. The pivot joints between the tri/quad pods and the sponsons, and the joints between the suspension arms are designed and built. A method of increasing the functionality of a plasma cutter is developed and used to profile tubes for the suspension arms, leaving them in near net shape and easing the fabrication of the suspension arms. A jig is then created to facilitate the fabrication of the suspension arms.