Document Type



Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Herman F. Nied


This thesis consists of two parts. In the first part a small-scale high-speed monohull boat was fitted with a suspended flap under the bottom. The author tested shock absorbers for this boat, and worked on data analysis from a few initial test runs. The boat tests were performed during a few hours in a single day and the data are far too scarce to draw any conclusions. The second part of the thesis concerns multi-body numerical analysis of a suspension boat that consists of an airborne centerhull and four suspended sponsons.

No simulations of boat dynamics in waves were performed.

First, a brief overview of slamming problem and techniques used to reduce the vertical acceleration was conducted, full description of proposed mechanism and the instruments used to evaluate the boat behavior equipped with the mechanism, then boat testing and data analysis was illustrated.

Second, advanced dynamic numerical model for the suspension boat with four sposons was developed.