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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

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Herman Nied


MEMS (a Microelecticalmechanical device) has an important role in electronic industry. It allows to incorporate the electronic with mechanical system totally within a single chip. Electro static actuation is the most commonly used actuation technique, because of its low-power consumption, small electrode size, thin layers used, relatively short switching time, 50-200 μN of achievable contact forces, and the possibility of biasing the switch using high-resistance bias lines[3].Despite the good performance of this MEMS type, there are still some difficult problems are associated with operation of these devices which lead to an impact on reliability. One such problem is deformation in wrinkle form (buckling) that may develop in a thin movable electrode (membrane), as shown in Figure 1 2(Qorvo Co) below, due to processing and/or environmental conditions. Such wrinkling can have a severe negative impact on the device performance and reliability when the membrane is in contact with the opposing electrode during switching operations.

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