Document Type



Master of Science


Electrical Engineering

First Adviser

Li, Tiffany J.


Visible light communication (VLC) is a short-range optical wireless communication system using white light-emitting diode (LED) lighting as a transmitter. Thus, dimming control is particularly important in VLC system. General dimming control methods by stuffing extra bits (zero or one) have an adverse effect on communication, e.g., limiting the achievable data rate or degrading the error performance, because the compensation bits do not contribute to error performance. In this thesis we propose a non-linear trellis coding scheme, which can achieve dimming control as well as improve error performance. The proposed finite-state machine is shown as an encoder. And the Viterbi algorithm is used in decoding to improve the error performance further. We analyze the communication performance among proposed scheme and two existing schemes. Analysis and simulation results both show that our proposed coding scheme keeps a good balance between illumination and communication where better error performance can be achieved especially. Therefore, the proposed non-linear trellis coding scheme can be regarded as an attractive alternative to achieve dimming control.