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Doctor of Philosophy


Comparative and International Education

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Wiseman, Alexander W.


AbstractIn this age of educational globalization, much focus is on teacher quality as a factor to improve education quality worldwide. In India, teacher quality is blamed for the poor performance on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2009. Policymakers are, therefore, looking at teacher quality as a measure to improve student performance. Through content analysis, this study investigates teacher quality in India using evidence from the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005), National Curriculum for Teacher Education (NCFTE 2009), and the National Policy on Education (NPE 2016). Furthermore, this study uses data collected from PISA 2009 testing to analyze teacher quality variables with student mathematics scores for India. The purpose of this mixed methods analysis is to identify and analyze both traditional and non-traditional measures of teacher quality and how teacher quality explains the variance in student performance in mathematics in India. The study provides a systematic framework for policymakers for further improving teacher quality in India. Also, the study indicates paths for further research in order to augment educational practices in India in order to secure better student achievement and improve the country’s global standing.