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Master of Science


Civil Engineering

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Naito, Clay J.


Recent advances in additive manufacturing technologies for concrete construction have been limited to low resolution fused deposition methods, herein the author aims to advance high resolution binder jet printing methods for cement construction applications. The inherent challenge of additive binder jet cement printing is to achieve adequate mechanical strengths and maintain geometry without the agitation typical of conventional concrete fabrication. The author utilizes a commercially available binder jet printer to fabricate sample specimen objects that are utilized to assess material and geometric properties. A novel water based jettable binder formulation, compatible with concrete chemistry, is developed. This study examines a dry cementitious powder mix comprised of round grain fine aggregates and CSA cement. The printed samples have a density of 1474 to 1501 kg/m3, 28-day compressive strengths of 5.94 to 6.70 MPa, and tensile strengths of 0.85 to 1.22 MPa. The results indicate that printed CSA cement objects possess the strength and the resolution to produce high detail objects that offer rapid production capability and compatibility in applications with conventional construction materials.