Document Type



Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Krick, Brandon A.


This thesis observes the tribological properties of GaN at relatively high sliding speeds. We choose a model for a pin-on-disk and unit direction rotate sliding experiments. To fulfill that we assemble a new high speed tribometer and completed some successful tests. In the results of these tests, we can find several interesting tribological properties (coefficient of friction and wear rate) of GaN in relatively high speed and get some reliable information when the GaN sliding under some specific conditions. The results are compared to former tests on GaN in Lehigh tribology lab, and it is proved that the c-plane of GaN has a 60-degree periodical variation on wear rate. Also, we can record the highest and lowest wear rate on each different experiment and recorded the data working on the further researches of GaN. Focus on the high-speed parameters, and applied on difference loads, we also can use the slide surface of GaN to the further band bending researches.