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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Motee, Nader


In DCDS (Distributed Control and Dynamical Systems) laboratory, we are using quadcopter flying inside the building with motion capture system. In the quadcopter base, we are designing a new flight controller which has a high-speed processor and fast Wi-Fi communication. And the price is affordable in case of crashes during the research.The IMU used on the quadcopter is MPU6050 and HMC5883L magnetometer, they provide accurate Euler angle, angular velocity and heading at 200Hz. The controller used for attitude is cascade PID controller which controls the angle and the angular velocity at the same time, it’s robust and reliable. And the controller used for altitude is a PID controller with the feedback from sonar.The new quadcopter can perform a stable hover, safe takeoff and landing, it’s currently not as good as commercial flight controllers in flight performance, but it has a great potential of modification and capable of handling a lot of future additional task.With the feedback form Motion Capture system in the future, we will have a more accurate heading and altitude. Motion Capture system will recognize the markers attached on the frame and send the position and configuration of the object back to the ground station. By measuring the relative distance from markers to cameras, position and configuration information will be more accurate which makes the performance better.