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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Adviser

Frey, Douglas


This study explores the design, simulation, and implementation of a transconductance-based Phase Locked Loop system using GmC filters as main building blocks. The system is broken down to four stages; the band pass filter acting as a reference signal, the voltage controlled oscillator designed at the desired frequency, the phase detector in charge of comparing the difference in phase between the two input signals from the VCO and BPF quadrature outputs, and the loop filter whose signal is then sent to the VCO to track the reference signal of the phase locked loop. All these stages are first simulated and tested using PSPICE models, and later physically implemented and their behavior is examined to evaluate the feasibility of creating a system capable of dealing with RF signals. The results of the simulations are then compared against the real experimental results of the prototypes implemented for the phase locked loop.