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Master of Science


Electrical Engineering

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Norian, Karl


Many people with physical disabilities have difficulty performing tasks that require directional discrimination. This research paper develops new ways to allow such people to operate mechanical devices without much physical mobility. The process takes Electrooculography signals from the motion of the eyes, analyzes and modifies these signals for specific operations using National Instruments LabVIEW, and then translates these signals into mechanical motions for the controller’s benefit.For this paper, electrodes were placed to read vertical (up-down) and horizontal (left-right) eye movements, as well as blinks. These signals were sent to a biopotential amplifier (or bioamplifier) and the output of that was sent to LabVIEW for analysis and modification. The modified signal was then sent to an Arduino microcontroller, used to transmit instructions corresponding to the different directional movements. A receiving device takes these instructions and sends them to another Arduino microcontroller, which then executes the motion corresponding to that instruction.