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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Grenestedt, Joachim L.


ABSTRACTA suspension boat concept was developed and patented by Grenestedt [1.1] to reduce high vertical accelerations which plague small boats operating at high speed. The suspension boat under consideration consists of a center hull and four sponsons connected to suspension links, springs and shock absorbers. The suspension links will be heavily loaded during operation of the boat. A two-seat manned suspension boat is presently being built and the purpose of this thesis was to analyze suspension components for this boat.First, a stainless-steel bung used for attaching suspension components to the center hull was analyzed, and modified to increase strength and reduce mass. Stress analyses were performed under different loading conditions. Different wall thicknesses and fillet radii were studied. A good configuration was developed and manufactured.Second, two suspension links connecting a front sponson to the center hull were analyzed. Initially contact mechanics were used in finite element analyses of the links, but this was not very successful. Various simplifications were then made in order to be able to analyze the links using linear analysis. The results are believed to be of sufficient accuracy for design of the hardware for the boat.