Document Type



Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Hart, Terry

Other advisers/committee members

Harlow, Gary


The thesis studies about repositioning the spacecraft to obtain a moving target problem. We model the spacecraft as a rigid body with axis torque controlling N axial symmetry wheels, and kinematic parameters by ADCS. Reference trajectory represented a virtual space generated by the same actual spacecraft. Open loop reference posture, angular velocity and angular acceleration tracking order is constructed, making solar panels vector is perpendicular to the carrier tracking the movement of the sun. We developed a nonlinear feedback tracking control law, derived from the ADCS stability and control theory, the target tracking control torque. Asymptotic tracking controller make the main body frame, there are in the attitude and angular velocity error of initial reference movement. Spacecraft model, on the basis of resource manager in Tian Tuo-1 spacecraft, for demonstration in tracking the given target ADCS controller is effective.