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Master of Science


Industrial Engineering

First Adviser

Snyder, Lawrence V.


Given a set of locations (i.e. bridges, bays, docks, etc.) that must be inspected and a set ofwaypoints, we design and implement a model to route a fleet of unmanned surface vehicles via a set of waypoints that allow the aforementioned locations to be surveilled. Furthermore, the velocity at which the vehicles traverse each part of the route is dependent upon the level of surveillance required for each site. More specifically, the model constructs the optimal set of routes for at most K unmanned surface vehicles that minimizes the fleet's total distance, subject to distance, battery life, and site number constraints, while ensuring that a set of sites are covered during the tours. In addition, the model also determines the velocity of each vehicle along each arc of the tour, where the velocity is dependent upon the importance of the sites that are covered along that arc. Lastly, we modify, design, and implement heuristics to construct feasible solutions.