Document Type



Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Grenestedt, Joachim L.

Other advisers/committee members

Harlow, Gary


Nowadays CAD/CAM/CNC is widely used in all fields of manufacturing andproduction. With the help of them, ideas and designs can be quickly and accuratelybrought to reality. This thesis deals with manufacturing of rather complex high-strengthaluminum parts. The parts will be used for a new kind of alpine ski which incorporatessuspension with springs and dampeners. The requirements of the parts are quite typicalfor high-performance equipment - they need to be lightweight, strong, stiff, and aresubjected to various packaging constraints. The parts that were designed areextensively pocketed to reduce weight yet retain high strength and stiffness. Thepackaging constraints were all fulfilled but this resulted in quite complex geometry ofthe parts. The parts would be considered rather difficult to machine. Various jigs etc.were required to be able to machine all sides of the parts. The challenges of machiningthe parts, and the methods used to solve the challenges, are outlined in the main body ofthis thesis. (18214 kB) (1015 kB)