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Master of Arts


Comparative and International Education

First Adviser

Kong, Peggy

Other advisers/committee members

Silova, Iveta; Ochs, Holona


In the field of Human Rights Education, there is little research on China’s education system. China is cautious to fully embrace international operationalization of Human Rights because of the implications it could have on the stability of the culture and society while western and international entities are critical of policymakers for their lack of effort. This study uses Human Rights Education Methodology to examine and interpret the goals/values of China's Moral and Patriotic Education courses through the analysis of the policy documents that shape the objectives of the courses. It locates and contextualizes emerging themes of Chinese characteristics and point of saturation of goals/values within the policy documents, then connects relevant terms/phrases from the policy documents to Human Rights Education methodology. The research pulls together two perspectives that have yet to be connected and then identifies the incorporation of Human Rights within China’s national curriculum policies.