Document Type



Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Adviser

Hart, Terry J.


Suspension system is the most significant part which heavily affects the vehicle handling performance and ride quality. Because of its structures limit, the passive suspension system can hardly improve the two properties at the same time. Since the advent of active suspension system, it has become the research hot spot. The design of the control strategy is the core of active suspension system technology. So the research of the application of new algorithm and pavement feedback in automobile active suspension spreads out in this thesis.According to the automobile suspension system dynamic characteristic, this thesis use modern control theory in the active suspension system. The author puts forward new control strategies: new algorithm and pavement feedback, and combined with PID control, which make active suspension system control performance further improve. The author uses the vehicle kinematics theory to set up active suspension system dynamic model. The author also established integral white noise form of pavement input mathematics and simulation model. Through the Simulink software, simulation model was constructed. It achieved the control simulation with different input of the active suspension system. Through the analysis of simulation results, we know that new algorithm and pavement feedback control strategies are more reasonable and feasible. The combination of PID control and new algorithm is more competitive, it has shown best stability and reliability. This combination also greatly improves the displacement and acceleration characteristics, and the curve is more smoothly, which achieved great effect. This new type of intelligent control strategy provides a new thinking way for the automotive active suspension control theory.