Document Type



Master of Science


Civil Engineering

First Adviser

Frangopol, Dan Mircea


The aim of this thesis is to develop a method for reliability analysis of truss structures that is appropriate for numerical calculation. A new method that quantifies truss structural reliability is established. Reliability of component is evaluated by computer simulation methods. The accuracy of Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) and the perturbation method have been used. However, since the MCS method provides more accurate results, it has been used to calculate component reliability. With the information about component reliability, a methodology to calculate the time-variant system reliability is established based on Markov Chain theory. The long term behavior of a truss structural system can be modeled by a Markov chain process. Finally, a Matlab program has been written based on the methods mentioned above, and two case studies have been presented to evaluate the time-variant reliability of two different ten-bar truss structures.