Document Type



Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Adviser

White, George

Other advisers/committee members

Spokane, Arnold; Sperandio, Jill; Cox, Dale


The International Baccalaureate Self-Study Questionnaire: Diploma Programme is a self-study instrument that must be completed by IB Diploma Programme schools every five years as part of the IB program evaluation cycle. The purpose of this study was to psychometrically validate the self-study instrument. Content validity was examined through a modified Delphi technique using a panel of five experts. Construct validity was examined using a stratified random sample of 223 completed self-study questionnaires through a confirmatory factor analysis and internal consistency reliability check of the seven Likert scales contained in the instrument. Results validate portions of the instrument, but also indicate various validity and reliability issues that need to be addressed to strengthen the instrument. Recommendations for further research include a comparative analysis of IB schools completing the self-study questionnaire for the first time to IB schools completing the self-study questionnaire for the second or third time.