Document Type



Master of Science


Structural Engineering

First Adviser

Pakzad, Shamim N.


In this thesis, a data-driven damage detection method is developed to detect and localize the yielding of the steel reinforcement, spalling of the concrete cover, and crushing of the concrete core in reinforced concrete earthquake-resistant structures. The proposed method utilizes pairwise damage indices to establish an instantaneous relationship between the structural responses of two sensor locations on the structure. When damage occurs, the physical properties of the structure change, which cause a change in the structural response. These changes are reflected by the damage indices; thus indicating damage. The indices are verified with two simulation models of earthquake-resistant structures and are found to correctly identify and localize all three damage modes. Considerations for extending this technique into large-scale experiments and structural health monitoring are examined by developing an instrumentation plan for large-scale testing and performing a series of small-scale experiments using digital image correlation (DIC).