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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Grenestedt, Joachim L.


While many theories on dynamic soaring are emerging, most testing of these theories has been done using small R/C aircraft and some basic manned flights. This work focuses on developing and manufacturing the JetStreamer, a 6.5 meter wingspan UAV, to act as a test platform for dynamics soaring techniques. The aircraft's main purpose is to test if dynamic soaring can be done in the jet stream along with real-time wind field estimation.First, a basic design and analysis was performed for the JetStreamer, from there, small test sections of aircraft components were created to investigate one-shot manufacturing techniques to be used on the full-scale parts. Processes for creating integrated wing spars as well as internal shear webs in a one shot process were developed.Construction of the JetStreamer then began and during its construction, the one-shot processes were verified on a 6 meter carbon fiber wing. Most notably, the main wing was successfully manufactured using a one-shot process that produced a complete wing with integrated wing spars, an internal shear web structure, and provisions for attachment of control surfaces.