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Master of Science


Industrial Engineering

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Snyder, Lawrence V.


Wave energy and related devices have attracted more and more attention. The need for an accurate prediction system for ocean waveforms is urgent. Past research has involved the basic mathematical models and theories of predicting waveforms. The Cramer Rao Bound (CRB) is the key value to describe the accuracy of these models. The general form of the CRB has been derived in previous works, which also proposed several recommendations for the layout of sensors. However, the recommended layouts are not optimal, and the models do not capture the complicated ocean wave environment. In this thesis, three models which are used to find near-optimal solutions under different ocean wave environments are introduced. These models, which involve more factors of a realistic environment, are introduced and tested. Several better layouts under particular conditions are also presented. In addition, based on the computational results some recommendations for sensor layouts are given.

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