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Doctor of Philosophy


Special Education

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Kern, Lee

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DuPaul, George J.; Hojnoski, Robin; Wood, Brenna K.


There is growing concern over the high numbers of children who exhibit problem behavior in early childhood settings. Although initial data for a tiered framework of behavioral support, Program Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PWPBIS), has emerged and has shown promise in the early childhood literature, there are still a limited number of investigations on the topic. This study evaluated the effects of one region's PWPBIS implementation in six preschools with 21 teachers on challenging behavior in young children. A quasi-experimental research design evaluated the pre/post assessment results for student outcomes. In addition, the impact of teacher fidelity on student outcomes was evaluated using HLM. Results indicated that both the intervention and control group made gains across time. Fidelity of implementation did not affect student outcomes in this investigation. Rather, the teacher covariate of years of experience was statistically significant indicating that for each additional year of experience a teacher had, the intercept of the student post-test would decrease .186 units.