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Technical Report

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This report summarizes the in-plane and out-of-plane performance of the MC Flange Connector produced by the Metromont Corporation. The connector is intended for use as a flange-to-flange connector between precast concrete double tee panels or for connection between precast concrete wall elements. The connector was tested under cyclic in-plane shear and tension, and out-of-plane shear. The resulting capacities and associated damage are summarized in the report. This work was funded by Metromont Corporation and was conducted at the ATLSS Research Center at Lehigh University. This work represents a second series of testing on the MC-Flange connector. The original study can be found in: Naito, C., Hendricks, R., “In-Plane and Out-Of-Plane Performance of the MC-Flange Connector,” ATLSS REPORT NO. 08-08, ATLSS Center, Lehigh University, September, 2008, 47 pages.