Why Use the Lehigh Preserve?


The Lehigh Preserve provides a centralized, easily accessible, and organized way to archive a range of materials for future generations. This institutional repository collects and presents an inclusive view of scholarship across Lehigh’s colleges and departments, consolidating materials to avoid a fragmented landscape of hard-to-discover and hard-to-access document caches. In addition, Lehigh Preserve supplies appropriate metadata to search engines and other tools to enhance the discoverability of your documents and data.


The Lehigh Preserve provides a sustainable home for research. Lehigh Library and Technology Services (LTS) will make every effort to facilitate data migration of the repository’s contents as file and data formats change over time, where personal websites and local file storage may fail.


By contributing scholarship to the Lehigh Preserve, authors amplify their participation in the public scholarly conversation and can increase citation opportunities. Inclusion in the repository helps expand the reach of scholarship to external audiences, including prospective graduate students, potential industry coauthors, and media contacts. Finally, the Lehigh Preserve satisfies the requirement of funding agencies like the NSF that data be archived and made publicly accessible (See Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results).