Steven Sametz ; Sun Min Lee

Theatre Location

Baker Hall, Zoellner Arts Center

Presented by

Lehigh University Music Department

Performance Dates

Friday, March 31 ; Saturday, April 1, 2017


Genevieve Shafer ; Juan Aldomar ; Mateo Flecha ; Morten Lauridsen ; Steven Sametz ; Benjamin Britten ; Theolonius Monk

Musical Work(s)

Three Cantigas ; Cantiga 100: Santa Maria, Sterla do dia ; Catiga 10: Rosas das Rosas (Rose of Roses) ; Cantiga 159: Non sofre Santa Maria (Holy Mary allows no suffering) ; La Subida (The Ascent) ; Hymn to St. Cecilia ; Four American Shaker Settings ; 'Tis a Gift ; Lay me Low ; How can I Keep from Singing ; Shaker Dance ; 'Round Midnight ; Dream a Little Dream of Me ; Mr. Sandman-Coney Island Baby ; Tsur Mishelo-La Rosa Enflorese (The Almighty whose food we have eaten-The rose blooms) ; Ah Pelayo Que desmay! (Ah Pelayo, such dismay!) ; Teresica, hermana (Teresica, darling) ; La Soneto de la noche (Sonnet of the Night) ; Y berenjenas con queso (An Eggplant with Cheese) ; Four American Spriituals ; Every Time I Fell the Spirit ; Steal Away ; Old Time Religion ; If I Got My Ticket, Can I Ride?

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Publication Date

Spring 3-31-2017