Adding Content

Lehigh Preserve is an institutional repository based on the principle of open access. Lehigh Preserve collects, describes, distributes and preserves the scholarly output of the faculty, students and staff at Lehigh University as well as the history of Lehigh University. Members of the Lehigh community interested in submitting materials should contact the Digital Commons site administrator at

Responsibility of the Committee

Lehigh Preserve is the responsibility of Lehigh University and is managed by Library & Technology Services. The Lehigh University Preserve Committee (The Committee) supports Lehigh University's mission to "advance Learning through the integration of teaching, research, and service to others" by overseeing Lehigh Preserve.

The Committee is responsible for setting and administering repository policies addressing:

  • Appropriate/acceptable items for inclusion
  • Technical specifications for submissions
  • Contributor's rights and responsibilities
  • Content distribution
  • Copyright issues

The Committee is responsible for platform evaluation and selection.

The Committee will make every effort to ensure that resources will be continually available to researchers by maintaining, preserving, and migrating material. The Committee educates contributors and the university community about Lehigh Preserve and aids its promotion and marketing.

The Committee reserves the right to change these policies at any time.